Green Power Projects. Our Story.

Our background is as a company of electrical engineers. We’re fully approved domestic and commercial electrical contractors certified by NICIEC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting).

It’s our many years working on domestic housing and £100m commercial contracts for industry that have shaped the values and vision of our business.

When renewable energy, especially solar PV, become an enthusiastically supported government initiative we knew that this was an area where our experience and expertise could be of real value to home-owners and commercial customers.

Rather than follow the herd, we do things differently. We provide a superior service. We design every project around our customers’ complete needs and as result create the means by which their reward from solar PV would be that much greater.

The disciplines we’ve mastered working on big commercial projects draw on the need for planning, scheduling workflow, training and empowering teams to work with precision. This enables us to deliver the best results to deadlines, which have shaped our customer service. And we’re very pleased that it’s for these values that our customers most often praise us.

We love to be in at the beginning of a project to lend our passion to the task of planning and preparation. We also enjoy being with our customers in the long term, helping to monitor and manage their installations as their needs grow.

I hope we have the opportunity to do all the above (and more) for you.

Kevin Fryer
Managing Director

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