Green Power Consultancy.

Helping you make the most of your power opportunities.

A key service Green Power Projects provide is working with architects, property developers, property managers, builders and property owners who are interested in adding value to their projects through sustainable energy initiatives.

Green Power are able to advise on voltage optimisation, CHP, air source and ground source heat pumps as well as bio mass systems.

In many cases clients may be unsure of what options are available to them and need advice and recommendations. In some instances the client is already committed to a green energy solution but looking to reap the benefits of linking their power generation to the best lighting and heating plan.

Or clients may want to co-ordinate their energy savings across a portfolio of sites: not simply by buying energy at the cheaper prices but actively generating revenue through a sustainable system.

Here’s how you can benefit from the Green Power Consultancy service:

It’s Free – there’s usually no charge for an initial consultation and the benefits of our report may just be what you need to save money and avoid common and costly mistakes.

We can add value – inviting Green Power to advise you early on in your planning will ensure that you have the best advice available to shape the important decisions necessary for the success of your project.

We tailor our services to match your needs – every project and every client has specific requirements: it’s those specific needs that shape the advice we provide and the recommendations we make.

You’ll always get a proposal that’s right for you, and bespoke for your specific needs for every phase of the project. And our extensive experience on projects similar to yours may just be what you need to realise the full value of our consultancy service.

How can we help you?

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