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Cloud-based Monitoring Platform

Our Solar PV installations include a monitoring system where clients can log in and access data regarding the energy generated by their solar panels. This system feeds directly off of the panels installed on the client’s roof, monitoring each one individually to gauge their efficiency. This means that you can see exactly how much energy has been created by your solar panels each day.

Full visibility of system performance

  • Each panel is monitored individually to guarantee optimal performance, at all times.
  • Panel issues are pinpointed on the virtual array map for quick and easy resolution.
  • Users can monitor real-time system performance anytime, anywhere using free iOS and Android applications.

Experience the power of the sun

  • PV system production data is accessible to teachers, pupils and school visitors.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data can be compared to past performance and to weather conditions.
  • Environmental benefits are represented as truckloads of CO2 emissions saved, equivalent number of trees planted and light bulbs powered.

"Being able to log in to the platform and monitor the status of the solar panels is a fantastic bonus. It means that we can keep track of each dealership’s energy generation and consumption, and thus assess whether we’re on the right path towards sustainability.” Stephen Snow, Group Chairman of Snows Group.

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