LED Lighting

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LED lighting is now the preferred choice for business premises, offices and other commercial enterprises. Installing LED lights, which are up to 90% more efficient than conventional lighting systems, means your savings start as soon as you flick the switch.

LED lighting is one of the most affordable and quickest ways to reduce your energy consumption and bills.

Replacing a typical 50W halogen bulb with its equivalent 5W LED light means a saving in power of 90%. Now, make your own quick calculation of how many lighting units you have in operation … and you’ll soon appreciate just how much the switch to LED is going to save.

A typical LED retrofit could reduce your overall lighting bill by 70%. Just imagine the savings that could generate in the next 5 years alone! And by using Green Power’s electrical engineering expertise to upgrade your lighting controls your savings could be boosted to around 90%. Green Power also spend a great deal of time researching warranties for their LED lighting, with some lights having a payback period of less than 3 years and a 7 year comprehensive warranty.

Should you be installing solar, converting to LED lighting adds another dimension as it will mean you use the free energy more sparingly and further reduce your bills.

Even if you’re not considering installing solar PV for your premises, LED will still make a substantial saving on your energy bills.

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