Solar PV

Cheap energy with generous green incentives – it’s an education!

Have you considered the benefits of solar PV for your school, college or place of education? With ‘free power’ and generous funding opportunities available there’s never been a better time to put solar PV on your green investment agenda.

Schools are particularly suited to solar due to their heavy reliance on day time energy use. They are also high users of electricity, meaning that most if not all of the energy generated will be used by the school themselves, rather than being sent back to the grid. With energy prices rising at an alarming rate the emphasis is on reducing the number of units pulled from the grid, and this is where solar is at it’s most useful. Green Power Projects have been involved in the installation of solar on many schools, with systems ranging in size from 10 kWp up to 250 kWp.

Green Power Projects solar PV services for schools include:

  • Free initial consultation and ballpark quotation.
  • In depth feasibility studies and system design.
  • Advice and implementation on maximising your solar PV, LED lighting, Infrared Heating and voltage optimisation.
  • Installation using our in-house team of designers, electricians, PV installers and back office Team
  • Help and advice on applying for financial support, FIT applications and other options to transform your energy use at no upfront cost.

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